Request a Skype visit

Skype in the Classroom
Getting Started on Skype

1. Create a Skype account

2. Download Skype for free to your PC or to your Mac

3. Organize the required equipment:

        • A computer with a high-speed Internet connection

        • Webcam

        • Microphone

        • Speakers

        • Make sure you have the minimum system requirements to use Skype

        • Confirm with your media specialist that Skype is allowed in your school

4. Test it out! Try a Skype video call with a friend to get comfortable with the service before your author Skype visit.

How to Have a Great Skype Visit

  • Download the Class Acts author yearbook page and book excerpt for your visiting author.

  • Prepare by having students read the excerpt for their Class Acts author, practice their Class Acts cheer, review the discussion questions as a group, and come up with questions they'd like to ask the author.

  • Test your equipment, check your Internet connection, and add the visiting author to your Skype contact list in advance of the Skype visit.

  • Hold your Class Acts event in a classroom or library, where all students may see the computer screen and be seen by the webcam.

  • Be ready for stage fright! Have a list of student questions on hand, just in case they become shy during the author Skype visit.

  • Offer students the opportunity to order copies of the Class Acts author's books by partnering with local bookstore or by ordering books directly from HarperCollins by calling 1-800-C-HARPER.

  • Having some trouble? Visit the Skype Troubleshooting page for helpful hints.

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